Perhaps Gibbs will finally make an appearance.Fornell stands out as one of NCIS’s most notable recurring guest stars, initially starting as an FBI agent who collaborated closely with Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his team, portrayed by Mark Harmon. Their friendship deepened over time, marked by various trials and tribulations. It’s regrettable that Fornell couldn’t bid a proper farewell when Gibbs retired. However, with Fornell’s involvement in Vance’s upcoming predicament in NCIS season 21, speculation arises about a potential return for Gibbs to DC, especially considering his absence during Ducky’s farewell episode.

Despite Fornell’s departure from the force, his FBI connections might play a pivotal role in Vance’s case. Alternatively, he could step in for Gibbs if Mark Harmon’s availability remains uncertain. Furthermore, with the recent return of Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo, fans anticipate the possibility of seeing Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David again in future episodes.

As NCIS celebrates its 1000th episode, featuring all its popular spinoffs, there’s a desire to pay homage to the show’s roots. Therefore, it would be fitting to have an original cast member take center stage. Notably, Tim McGee and Jimmy Palmer made appearances in the first season but weren’t part of the initial core cast. This leaves CBS with Harmon, Weatherly, and Pauley Perrette, who portrayed Abby Sciuto, as potential choices.

By chrysos