NCIS season 21 faced an unexpected schedule change shortly after its debut, much to the frustration of fans. Instead of airing a new episode as anticipated, a rerun was broadcasted. The show, like many others, experienced significant delays due to last year’s strikes by actors and writers, resulting in its premiere being pushed back by five months to mid-February.

Despite airing only a handful of episodes, episode two, “The Stories We Leave Behind,” made a lasting impact as it paid tribute to the late Ducky star David McCallum. The strikes have caused scheduling challenges for the 2023-2024 season, leading to a shorter season 21 with just 13 episodes instead of the usual 22. To ensure a May conclusion, more frequent breaks are necessary.

NCIS will be on hiatus for two weeks, with the fifth episode, “The Plan,” scheduled for Monday, March 25. Details regarding this episode are yet to be disclosed.

Additionally, NCIS: Hawaii, the spin-off, will also resume on March 25 with an episode titled “Serve and Protect.” The synopsis revolves around NCIS safeguarding the daughter of a Russian oligarch while Sam seeks assistance from Tennant.

Despite the intermittent breaks, there’s positive news for NCIS enthusiasts: another spin-off is in development, featuring former agents Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David in Paris with their daughter, Tali. Production on the spin-off, known as NCIS: Europe, is slated to commence later this year.

By chrysos