Three years after disappearing from her boyfriend’s catamaran, Sarm Heslop remains officially missing, but her mother now suspects foul play. The family has enlisted the help of a former Metropolitan Police homicide commander to aid in the search.

Heslop, a former air hostess from Southampton, had relocated to the US Virgin Islands to be with her boyfriend, Ryan Bane. They lived and worked together on Bane’s boat, named Siren Song, until Heslop vanished in March 2021.

In an interview with Sky News, Heslop’s mother, Brenda Street, expressed her belief that her daughter was murdered. She is desperate to bring her daughter home to find closure and begin the grieving process.

The night before her disappearance, Heslop and Bane were at a sports bar in Frank Bay, St John. Bane reported her missing to the Virgin Islands Police Department the following morning, stating he woke up to find her gone. However, he delayed contacting the coastguard until nine hours later and allegedly obstructed a search of the cabin while appearing intoxicated, according to a coastguard report.

Despite suspicions surrounding Bane’s behavior, island police have not interviewed him, forensically searched the boat, or accepted assistance from the FBI.

In an effort to escalate the investigation, Heslop’s family has enlisted the support of David Johnston, a former Metropolitan Police homicide commander. Johnston has appealed to the UK Foreign Secretary to press US authorities to oversee the investigation conducted by the Virgin Islands Police Department.

Bane, who has a previous domestic violence conviction, denies any involvement in Heslop’s disappearance. His lawyer asserts that he cooperated fully with authorities and expresses sympathy for Heslop’s family.

The UK Foreign Office confirmed their involvement in assisting Heslop’s family and stated that they are in communication with both the US Virgin Islands Police and the US coastguard.

Despite repeated requests, the Virgin Islands Police Department has not provided comment on the case.

By chrysos