In long-standing TV shows like “NCIS,” casting decisions are intricate, influenced by the narrative’s evolution, actors’ availability, and the creative team’s vision. Scottie Thompson, renowned for her portrayal of Jeanne Benoit, Tony DiNozzo’s love interest, has notably been missing from recent seasons. This absence has triggered speculation among fans, though there has been no official statement from “NCIS” producers regarding the reasons behind this decision.

Thompson’s character arc was intricately intertwined with significant storylines, particularly her relationship with DiNozzo, portrayed by Michael Weatherly. However, Weatherly’s departure from the show in 2016 to lead in “Bull” may have lessened the narrative rationale for Thompson’s character to return. Additionally, Thompson’s career has flourished with diverse roles across film and television, potentially limiting her availability for “NCIS” reprisals. Consequently, Jeanne Benoit’s absence can be viewed as a natural consequence of the show’s progression and the career paths of the actors involved.

By chrysos