In a poignant homage to the esteemed character of Dr. Donald Mallard, NCIS Season 21’s tribute episode to Ducky not only bid farewell to the beloved medical examiner but also hinted at an exciting new spinoff featuring fan favorites Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David.

Titled “The Stories We Leave Behind,” the episode artfully blended emotional farewells with a gripping final case, setting the stage for Tony and Ziva’s return in their own series. Dr. Mallard’s departure not only paid tribute to his illustrious career but also sparked the beginning of a new chapter in the NCIS universe.

Through subtle references to past relationships and shared adventures, the episode seamlessly transitioned from reminiscing about the past to laying the groundwork for an exciting future. As original cast members and beloved characters, Tony and Ziva’s spinoff holds the promise of captivating audiences with their dynamic chemistry and compelling storylines.

With anticipation mounting and the stage set for their return, NCIS fans eagerly await the next chapter in the thrilling world of crime-solving and camaraderie.

By chrysos