The latest season of NCIS has left fans on the edge of their seats as Special Agent Nick Torres, portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama, faces serious peril. With Mark Harmon’s departure, Torres has taken center stage, but his future on the show remains uncertain. Despite being a series regular for six years, Season 21 hints at a possible exit for Torres.

While Valderrama hasn’t hinted at leaving, recent cast changes have raised concerns among fans. Preview snippets show Torres spending time away from the team, leading to speculation about his fate. Could this season mark the end of Torres’ journey on NCIS?

The speculation intensified when Valderrama was cast as the lead in Disney’s upcoming live-action Zorro film series in December 2021. Although there’s been no official confirmation of his departure from NCIS, the timing has fueled rumors.

Adding to the drama, a sneak peek for Season 21 shows Torres being arrested by the FBI, accused of murder. This shocking development leaves fans wondering if this will be Torres’ final chapter on NCIS. In a video message, Torres urges his team to stay out of his personal vendetta against an unsavory character from his past, hinting at a gripping storyline ahead.

Valderrama himself teased significant changes for Torres, promising major character development in the upcoming episodes. Will Torres hold onto his badge or face the consequences of his actions? Is this the end of his NCIS journey?

As the suspense builds, fans eagerly await the unfolding of Torres’ fate. Only time will tell if he will remain a part of the NCIS team or if his journey will take a dramatic turn.

By chrysos