As “NCIS” gears up for its 21st season in 2024, uncertainties surround the fate of key characters. Speculation surrounds Wilmer Valderrama’s character, Nick Torres, amid rumors of the actor’s potential departure due to personal controversies. Valderrama’s inability to comment, given the ongoing actor’s strike, adds to the mystery. Torres, a vital part of the team, faced significant challenges in the previous season, making his potential exit a major concern.

On a sadder note, the passing of David McCallum, who portrayed Donald “Ducky” Mallard, leaves an undeniable void. The show’s delay to 2024 means McCallum’s death precedes any filming, prompting questions about how the series will address his absence. Fans anticipate a heartfelt tribute to McCallum, possibly featuring cameos from original cast members. Stay tuned for updates on these developments in the world of “NCIS.” For the latest news and spoilers, follow the TV category at One Chicago Center.

By chrysos