Cote de Pablo, known for her role in “NCIS,” recently opened up about a deeply personal experience with a cervical cancer scare. In a moving public service announcement for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the typically private actress shared her family’s encounters with cancer, stressing the significance of open communication and awareness.

Reflecting on her own health neglect, de Pablo revealed how she disregarded her well-being until a Pap test uncovered troubling results. The concerned reactions of medical professionals only heightened her anxiety, but fortunately, the results turned out negative. Sharing this news with her mother brought immense relief, as it dawned on her the silent burden her mother had been carrying.

De Pablo’s journey serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of regular cervical cancer screenings, urging women to prioritize their health not only for themselves but also for their loved ones.

Amidst her upcoming engagement, de Pablo is gearing up to reprise her iconic role as Ziva David in an exciting spin-off on Paramount+, promising fans another captivating adventure in the NCIS universe.

By chrysos