Gibbs’ absence from the NCIS tribute to Ducky initially sparked curiosity, but it ultimately proved to be a strategic choice, aligning with the sentiments echoed by both the cast and crew. The prevailing consensus was that reintroducing DiNozzo rather than Gibbs carried more emotional weight, particularly in the context of Jimmy’s grieving process, given the strong bond between Jimmy and DiNozzo’s character. Dietzen, who played a role in crafting the episode, emphasized DiNozzo’s return as a means to support his friend, injecting a layer of secrecy and intimacy into the storyline.

While some fans may have hoped for Gibbs’ presence in the tribute, the decision to omit him ultimately served the narrative best. Harmon’s departure marked a significant shift in the series, and his farewell episode provided a fitting conclusion for his character. While it’s understandable that viewers wished for Gibbs to bid farewell to his dear friend, such a scene might have diluted the impact of his departure.

Despite Gibbs’ absence from the tribute, Harmon remains a fixture in the NCIS franchise’s future. Binder’s openness to the possibility of Gibbs returning for future episodes, coupled with Harmon’s involvement in developing a prequel centered on Gibbs, suggests that the character still holds relevance. DiNozzo’s return elicited excitement from longtime fans, sparking speculation about how Harmon might reprise his role in the mainline NCIS series.

By chrysos