NCIS: Origins continues to expand its cast with the latest addition being the portrayal of Gibbs’s father, Jackson Gibbs.In the original NCIS series, Jackson Gibbs, originally played by the late Ralph Waite, was a significant character whose off-screen passing was relayed to Gibbs by Director Vance due to Waite’s real-life passing. In the prequel series, set in Gibbs’s earlier years following the deaths of his wife and daughter, a younger version of Jackson Gibbs is essential to the storyline.

Robert Taylor, known for his role in Longmire, has been cast to portray the younger Jackson Gibbs. It’s a challenging role to step into, given Waite’s iconic portrayal, but it’s part of the larger challenge of embodying well-established characters like Gibbs and Mike Franks, portrayed by Austin Stowell and Kyle Schmid respectively.

Jackson Gibbs in NCIS: Origins is depicted as tough and hard-nosed, setting the stage for the strained relationship seen in the flagship series. Taylor’s portrayal will likely delve into the complexities of their dynamic before any semblance of reconciliation.

Additionally, two recurring guest stars have been added to the prequel series: Daniel Bellomy as Special Agent Granville “Granny” Dawson, a determined probie eager to climb the ranks, and Caleb Martin Foote as Special Agent Benjamin “Randy” Randolf, the “Golden Boy” tasked with mentoring Gibbs and navigating the intricacies of the office while balancing fatherhood.

These new additions promise to enrich the backstory of the NCIS universe, shedding light on pivotal characters and relationships in Gibbs’s early career.

By chrysos