Despite the uncertainty surrounding Special Agent Jessica Knight’s future on NCIS, actress Katrina Law’s recent Instagram post hints at more to come for her character. Law’s caption, “Guess we gotta wait for CBS FALL,” accompanied by press photos and the song “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper, adds to the intrigue. While the song’s lyrics suggest ambiguity about Knight’s departure—whether it’s for the summer or forever—the post teases a potential return.

While Knight may not be a regular presence on the main NCIS team anymore, given her acceptance of a position at Pendleton across the country, Law’s remarks in a TVLine interview suggest viewers should stay tuned for the season 22 opener to see if Knight resurfaces. Showrunner Steven D. Binder’s cryptic tease only adds fuel to the speculation, hinting at the possibility of Knight’s unexpected return, as has happened with other characters in the past.

By chrysos