NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight, portrayed by Katrina Law, is set to depart the Major Case Response Team (MCRT) in the upcoming 22nd season of NCIS, marking a significant moment in the franchise’s 19-year legacy. In the season 21 finale, Agent Knight made a bold decision to accept a position as the REACT Chief Training Officer at Camp Pendleton, clear across the country, enthusiastically exclaiming “hell yeah.” This move inevitably means parting ways with her current team.

Throughout its extensive run, NCIS has been known for its ever-evolving cast, seamlessly introducing and bidding farewell to characters while maintaining its core essence. Despite bidding adieu to some of its most iconic figures over its 21 seasons, the show’s ability to continually refresh its ensemble has become one of its defining strengths, contributing to its enduring allure. Agent Knight’s departure marks another chapter in this ongoing narrative, reminiscent of past transitions that have introduced beloved characters like Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David, further cementing her place in the show’s storied history.

By chrysos