“NCIS” has been a mainstay on Netflix for as long as we can remember. While earlier reports indicated that the popular crime drama would be leaving the streaming platform entirely in June, there’s now a change of plans: some seasons will leave Netflix, but others will soon be added!

Currently in its 21st season on CBS, “NCIS” has been a fan favorite since its premiere in September 2003. With the show consistently performing well on Netflix, it makes sense for the streaming giant to retain some seasons.

But what does this update mean for the show’s availability on Netflix? Will we still be able to enjoy the crime-packed drama, and are new seasons going to be added?

If you’ve been wondering about these questions, you’re in the right place! Here’s what the latest updates mean for “NCIS” on Netflix, including which seasons are leaving and which are joining.

### What Seasons of “NCIS” Are Leaving Netflix?

Throughout the 2010s, Netflix added new seasons of “NCIS” shortly before they aired on CBS. However, this pattern stopped in 2018, and newer seasons weren’t added. Currently, Netflix U.S. hosts seasons 1 through 15 of “NCIS.” According to What’s On Netflix, on June 30, 2024, Netflix will remove seasons 1 through 11. Seasons 12 through 15 will remain for now, and in exchange, seasons 16 and 17 (covering the 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons) will be added.

### Will the New Seasons of “NCIS” Come to Netflix?

After the swap, Netflix will be missing seasons 18 through 21 of “NCIS.” Currently, there are no confirmed plans to add these newer seasons to Netflix. Given the show’s popularity and strong performance, fans hope these later seasons will eventually be available, but neither Netflix nor CBS has made an official announcement.

For now, viewers can enjoy seasons 12 through 17 on Netflix. Stay updated on any changes or announcements by keeping an eye on Netflix’s official news releases and checking back with us for the latest updates.

### Where to Watch “NCIS” Seasons if Not on Netflix?

The best place to stream all seasons of “NCIS” is Paramount+. Once the Netflix swap occurs, missing episodes and the newer ones will be available there. Paramount+ also gets new episodes shortly after they air, ensuring fans don’t miss the latest developments.

Paramount+ is the official streaming home for “NCIS,” offering all past and current seasons. Along with “NCIS,” Paramount+ provides a wide array of CBS content, making it a great option for fans of the network’s programming.

If you’re a dedicated “NCIS” fan wanting to keep up with Gibbs, McGee, and the team, Paramount+ is your go-to destination. The platform offers various subscription options, including a free trial for new users, so you can explore its offerings before committing.

While it’s disappointing that Netflix won’t carry the newest seasons for now, Paramount+ ensures you can still enjoy all the “NCIS” action you love. Stay tuned to see if future seasons will make their way to Netflix, but in the meantime, Paramount+ has you covered!

By chrysos