In a surprising revelation, Emily Wickersham, known for her role as Ellie Bishop on the hit television series NCIS, has finally opened up about her departure from the long-running show. Fans were left in shock when it was announced that Wickersham would be exiting NCIS after eight seasons, with speculation running rampant about the reasons behind her decision. Now, Wickersham has broken her silence, shedding light on the circumstances that led to her departure.

In an exclusive interview, Wickersham disclosed that her decision to leave NCIS was a personal one, stemming from a desire to explore new opportunities and pursue different creative ventures. While she expressed immense gratitude for her time on the show and the relationships she formed with her castmates and crew, Wickersham emphasized the importance of growth and evolution in her career. Her departure from NCIS marks the end of an era for fans of the show, but Wickersham’s candid explanation offers insight into her decision and provides closure for those who have been wondering about her departure.

By chrysos