In the vast universe of NCIS, fans have developed strong attachments to the diverse array of characters that populate the series. However, not every character has managed to win the hearts of viewers, and discussions about the most disliked main character have sparked debates within the fan community. From quirky forensic scientists to no-nonsense special agents, opinions vary widely on who deserves the title of the most disliked character in the long-running crime procedural drama.

Among the myriad of characters who have graced the screen over the years, one name consistently rises to the top of fan polls as the most disliked main character: Special Agent Jennifer “Jenny” Shepard, portrayed by Lauren Holly. Despite being a prominent figure within the NCIS hierarchy, Shepard’s controversial leadership style and morally ambiguous decisions often rubbed fans the wrong way. From her tumultuous romantic entanglements to her questionable professional judgment, Shepard’s character arc was met with mixed reactions throughout her tenure on the show. While some viewers appreciated her complexity and contributions to the series, others found her actions difficult to reconcile, ultimately leading to her designation as the most disliked main character by a significant portion of the NCIS fanbase.

By chrysos