In the upcoming NCIS season 21 finale, titled “Reed Madness,” fans are preparing themselves for potential casualties among the team. A tense promo released by CBS has sparked concern, depicting Agent Parker pinned under a heavy object and Agent Knight struggling underwater, seemingly drowning. This has left viewers on edge about the fate of these characters, with the cast warning that “no character is safe,” heightening anticipation for the dramatic conclusion of the season.

Brian Dietzen Hints at Potential Developments

In an interview with Deadline, Brian Dietzen, known for his role as Jimmy Palmer on NCIS, hinted at significant developments in the upcoming season 21 finale. While danger looms for Knight and Parker in the promo, Dietzen suggested that multiple characters could face peril, emphasizing that “no character is safe” on the show. This ominous warning aligns with the series’ history of unexpected exits. The finale promises not only danger but also shifts in character dynamics, including potential changes between Jimmy and Jess. Dietzen expressed enthusiasm for the finale script, calling it his favorite in years. With suspense building, fans can expect the finale to bring significant changes to the show.

Gary Cole’s Comments Ease Concerns

Gary Cole’s recent comments suggest that he’s not leaving NCIS, calming fears about Agent Parker’s fate. While Brian Dietzen teased a potential death in the season finale, Cole’s response to Deadline suggests he’s staying put: “Nobody told me if I am. You’ll have to watch to find out but, no.” This suggests Parker is safe for now. While Cole’s remarks could be a diversion tactic, they hint at his continued presence in the next season.

By chrysos