Michael Weatherly’s mother had a unique way of supporting her son’s acting career, often calling him with hilarious comments after each new episode of “NCIS” aired. Weatherly, known for his roles as Theo’s college roommate on “The Cosby Show,” Cooper Alden on “Loving” and “The City,” and especially as Anthony DiNozzo on “JAG” and “NCIS,” has enjoyed a successful career.

His portrayal of Tony DiNozzo, complete with a memorable romance with Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and frequent head slaps from Gibbs (Mark Harmon), won him many fans. Weatherly later starred as psychologist Jason Bull on “Bull,” with his mother cheering him on throughout.

Weatherly’s Mother Summoned Him to Unravel NCIS Riddles

Michael Weatherly’s mother frequently contacted him after “NCIS” episodes to help solve the show’s riddles. During an appearance on the Australian variety show “Rove,” Weatherly described how his mother found the crime procedural puzzling and would phone him right after each episode. He hilariously recreated a typical call in which she would applaud his performance but be perplexed by the plot, wondering, “Who was the bad man?”

Weatherly would patiently walk her through the episode, explaining the story step by step. Despite his efforts, his mother would often get more confused, frequently insisting that the wrong character was the villain. This would lead Weatherly to repeat the entire plot while she continued to assert that the real culprit, who appeared only briefly, made for a poor mystery.

By chrysos