There is nothing wrong with some friendly competition. Both shows aren’t fighting for survival, so Tracker’s success has little to no impact on NCIS’s future. Dropping from the top spot shouldn’t be a major concern for CBS, given the consistent performance of NCIS over the years. Despite being dethroned during the 2023-2024 season, NCIS is already confirmed for season 22. Additionally, the franchise will continue to expand with new spinoffs, starting with Harmon’s NCIS: Origins, which will explore Gibbs’ early days with the agency.

Overall, CBS is the real winner here, boasting two of the most-watched shows on TV. The network doesn’t have to choose between NCIS and Tracker; they can keep both top-rated series, as each has a distinct premise, even though both are procedurals. Maintaining both will be tremendously beneficial for CBS, allowing them to continue their dominance over competitors.

By chrysos