With Knight accepting Vance’s job offer, fans are left wondering if she’s truly leaving the MCRT. “NCIS” has a history of shaking things up only to revert to the status quo. Remember when Vance disbanded Gibbs’ team, only to reunite them after a summer break? Or when Ziva David supposedly left but returned as a proper agent after a dramatic rescue mission?

Katrina Law, who plays Knight, has not indicated she is leaving. Most “NCIS” exits have resulted from personal or professional decisions by the performers, and Law has expressed a desire to stay. Knight is still a relatively new character with many stories to explore, including her blossoming romance with Palmer. There is no need to worry until season 22 brings clarity.

Knight’s departure could be a plot device, setting up something bigger for her and Palmer. She might try the new job for a while, and we could see Parker searching for her replacement. However, this could all be a temporary shake-up, with Knight eventually returning to DC. This dramatic twist might frustrate viewers but adds to the show’s intrigue.

Knight’s leave could be the start of a larger storyline for her and Palmer’s relationship. While the future remains uncertain, it’s all part of “NCIS’s” captivating narrative.

By chrysos