Kate Todd’s storyline doesn’t directly overlap with Gibbs’ early military experience, so her appearance in NCIS: Origins would likely be brief. In the early 1990s, Kate, then in her 20s, could be featured vacationing near California’s Camp Pendleton, where she might have a memorable yet fleeting interaction with a young Gibbs.

This wouldn’t be the first time the franchise shows characters overlapping in their earlier days; for instance, NCIS season 18 explored the early friendship between Gibbs and Ducky, despite later continuity issues.

Including Kate in this way could add depth to her character. Her encounter with a young Gibbs might inspire her eventual career in public service. Kate, who left law school in the early 1990s, could be depicted before her legal studies, possibly on vacation with her sister, Rachel Cranston. This experience could be the catalyst that propels her to leave law school and eventually join the Secret Service.

While Sasha Alexander likely won’t reprise her role, another actor could honor Kate’s legacy. NCIS: Origins offers a chance to revisit and expand on Kate’s character, providing fresh stories set before her untimely death and enriching the series’ narrative.

By chrysos