The Medical Examiner debuted in season 1 of the show, playing a pivotal role in the team’s weekly cases.

Although Ducky has reduced his screen time, he remains a series regular, maintaining a strong influence that reflects the show’s origins.

The finale of NCIS season 21, episode 1 hinted at future episodes, with a trailer suggesting a flashback scenario featuring Gibbs and DiNozzo reuniting briefly.

Given the closeness of the team to Ducky and their relationship with McCallum before his death, it’s likely that past characters will return in this episode.

Jimmy, having worked closely with Ducky for a long time, is expected to have a significant role in the upcoming episode.

The episode promises to be an emotional tribute where the entire crew mourns their loss. While it will be a poignant moment for NCIS fans, it will also honor McCallum’s contributions to the show.

Further details about the episode are scarce until its premiere on February 19 on CBS.

By chrysos