Pauley Perrette originally decided to take a leave of absence from NCIS due to a growing feud with Mark Harmon, which began when Harmon’s dog bit a crew member on set. Despite Perrette’s efforts to prevent the dog from being brought back, the issue was never resolved.

As a result, Harmon and Perrette never reconciled, and Abby Sciuto was written out of the show. In the NCIS universe, Abby left the team due to the trauma of surviving a hit man’s attack, during which Agent Clayton Reeves saved her life at the cost of his own. Afterward, Abby moved to the United Kingdom to establish a charity in Reeves’ honor.

With the upcoming NCIS: Tony & Ziva spinoff, originally titled NCIS: Europe, there is renewed hope for Abby’s return. Although Tiva’s adventures will start in Paris, opportunities abound for the couple to visit London or for Abby to come to France and reunite with them.

Even a cameo appearance by Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciuto would delight long-time NCIS fans, who fondly remember the original team together. The filming set for NCIS: Tony & Ziva should be safe for Perrette to return, as the spinoff will be produced by Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, and showrunner John McNamara for Paramount Plus, with no involvement from Mark Harmon.

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By chrysos