While NCIS is primarily known for its crime-solving, it has also featured dramatic romantic relationships, with the one between Jessica Knight and Jimmy Palmer breaking over a decade of series tradition. As with any police show, the interpersonal relationships between characters are a key aspect of its appeal, and NCIS is no exception. Each character has significant moments throughout the seasons, and Jessica Knight has had many standout moments in season 21. NCIS is known for being intense and captivating, and the romantic relationships woven throughout the show are a crucial part of this.

Throughout its long run, NCIS has featured several romantic relationships, but the most memorable have been those between the main characters on the NCIS team. With over 20 years on the air, the show has had ample time to delve into the personal lives of its main characters. A popular relationship in season 21 is the one between Dr. Jimmy Palmer and Jessica Knight, though sadly, Jessica might exit next season. Despite their popularity, this pair also broke the mold for NCIS characters, adding a fresh dynamic to the show.

By chrysos