NCIS Star Reveals Heartbreaking Reason Gibbs Keeps His Front Door Unlocked

Mark Harmon’s portrayal of Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS has always included a unique quirk: Gibbs keeps his front door unlocked. This intriguing detail about the stoic special agent was recently explained by Harmon’s former co-star, Cote de Pablo, who played Ziva David.

During a recent episode of the Off Duty podcast, which de Pablo co-hosts with Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo), guest Sean Murray discussed this characteristic of Gibbs. De Pablo revealed that Gibbs’ unlocked door symbolizes his profound sense of loss and resignation. After suffering the devastating loss of his family, Gibbs felt there was nothing worse that could happen to him, leading him to leave his door unlocked. “The answer is because he has already lost what was most important to him; he actually doesn’t care,” de Pablo said.

This aspect of Gibbs’ character will be further explored in a new NCIS series titled “NCIS: Origins.” The prequel series, set for release this fall, will delve into Gibbs’ past. Austin Stowell will portray a younger Gibbs, while Harmon will return to narrate the series. The show will focus on Gibbs as he joins the NCIS Camp Pendleton office team led by Mike Franks. Both Mark Harmon and his son, Sean Harmon, are executive producers on the show.

Additionally, Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly are reuniting for another spin-off series, “NCIS: Tony and Ziva,” which will follow their characters in Europe. This series will be available for streaming on Paramount+.

Despite Harmon’s departure as a series regular, the main NCIS series continues and has been renewed for a 22nd season. The Australian spin-off, “NCIS: Sydney,” has also been renewed for a second season following its debut in 2022-23. However, “NCIS: Hawaii” was canceled after three seasons.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mark Harmon shed more light on the emotional reasons behind Gibbs’ open door policy. He explained that this choice stems from a tragic event during Gibbs’ time as a Marine sniper. On a classified mission, Gibbs chose to save a young girl caught in the crossfire rather than completing his mission, leading to the loss of several innocent lives, including the girl’s. This guilt has haunted Gibbs, shaping his approach to life and his work.

Harmon revealed that Gibbs keeps his door unlocked as a symbolic gesture of penance and redemption. It serves as a constant reminder of the girl he couldn’t save and his commitment to never turn away those in need. Despite his tough exterior, Gibbs is driven by a deep sense of duty and empathy, welcoming his team into his home as his true family.

The unlocked door also symbolizes Gibbs’ belief in second chances and forgiveness. He strives to make amends for his past mistakes and remains hopeful that redemption is possible. This aspect of Gibbs’ character highlights his humanity, vulnerability, and unwavering commitment to doing what is right.

Gibbs’ open door policy is more than just a character quirk; it reflects his complex psyche and the profound impact of his past on his present actions. It is a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of our choices, the resilience of the human spirit, and the transformative power of empathy and forgiveness. In revealing this heartbreaking reason, Mark Harmon has given NCIS fans a deeper understanding of a beloved character and the importance of compassion and redemption in the show’s narrative.

By chrysos