Hey everyone, welcome back to the channel! Today, we have a truly special topic that touches the heart of every NCIS fan. After 20 years on NCIS, Brian Dietzen, the actor who brings Dr. Jimmy Palmer to life, has shared how he envisions his character’s final moments. Trust me, it’s a vision that is as moving as it is profound.

Brian Dietzen joined NCIS back in 2004, starting as a guest role in the late episodes of season 1. Over the years, we’ve seen his character, Jimmy Palmer, evolve from Dr. Mallard’s assistant to the chief medical examiner of the team. Dietzen’s portrayal of Palmer has made him an indispensable part of the series, and it’s hard to imagine NCIS without him. As the franchise gears up for its 22nd season, Brian Dietzen is one of the longest-serving cast members alongside Sean Murray. Their dedication and performances have been cornerstones of the show’s success.

But as much as it pains us to think about losing Jimmy Palmer, Dietzen’s idea for his character’s exit is deeply touching and meaningful. In June 2024, during a panel at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, Brian Dietzen and his co-stars Wilmer Valderrama, Michael Weatherly, and Cote de Pablo discussed the potential ends for their characters. While Valderrama suggested a dramatic end in a storm of bullets for Nick Torres, Dietzen had a more poignant fate in mind for Jimmy Palmer.

Dietzen revealed that he wants Jimmy to contract ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. This idea isn’t just a fleeting thought for Dietzen; he’s considered it deeply, seeing it as a way to bring awareness to a cause larger than the character himself. ALS is a devastating disease, and for Jimmy, a doctor and scientist who is usually in control of human anatomy, facing such a challenge would be incredibly profound.

Brian Dietzen sees Jimmy grappling with the disease over time, initially trying to hide his symptoms, which would be a deeply moving storyline to watch unfold. Jimmy Palmer’s character has already experienced significant grief—he’s lost close colleagues and, most heartbreakingly, his wife Breena to COVID-19. Shifting from being a victim of loss to the source of it, especially focusing on how this would impact his daughter Victoria, would add a new emotional layer to his story.

The potential storyline would see Jimmy preparing Victoria for a world without him, transforming his character’s journey into one of acceptance and preparation. It’s a narrative that Brian Dietzen believes in deeply and one that he could co-write, given his previous contributions to the show’s scripts. Dietzen’s involvement in crafting this narrative would ensure authenticity and depth, making Jimmy’s final moments on the show resonate even more with viewers. It’s a testament to his dedication to the role and the impact he wants to leave on the series.

Brian Dietzen’s vision for Jimmy Palmer’s exit from NCIS is more than just a character’s end—it’s a meaningful tribute to the impact one person can have. As fans, it’s both heartbreaking and beautiful to see such thought put into a character’s farewell. What do you think of Dietzen’s idea for Jimmy Palmer’s final storyline? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit the bell icon for more updates on your favorite shows. Until next time, stay safe and keep watching!

By chrysos