Mark Harmon, the beloved star of the long-running TV show NCIS, recently surprised fans by expressing his desire to return to the series that made him a household name. Harmon, who portrayed Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs for nearly two decades, opened up about his deep connection to the character and the show in a candid interview. Despite stepping back from his full-time role on NCIS in recent years, Harmon continued to serve as an executive producer.

“I’ve always said that playing Gibbs was a privilege, not just a job,” Harmon shared. “The character has become a part of me, and there’s a sense of unfinished business there. I miss the camaraderie with the cast and crew, the energy on set, and most of all, I miss bringing Gibbs to life.”

Gibbs, known for his stoic demeanor, strong moral compass, and unwavering dedication to justice, has resonated with fans worldwide. Harmon believes that Gibbs’s appeal lies in his complex character with layers of depth. “I think what people connect with in Gibbs is his sense of honor and his commitment to doing what’s right, no matter the cost,” he explained.

For Harmon, returning to the role of Gibbs would not only mean revisiting a beloved character but also exploring new facets of his journey. He hinted at the possibility of delving deeper into Gibbs’s past, uncovering untold stories, and further developing his relationships with team members.

“I believe there’s more to Gibbs than meets the eye,” Harmon mused. “We’ve only scratched the surface of his history and his motivations. I would love the chance to delve into his past, to see what shaped him into the man he is today.”

NCIS, which premiered in 2003, has become a television phenomenon, largely due to Harmon’s portrayal of Gibbs. The show blends crime-solving drama with humor, anchored by Gibbs’s enigmatic presence. Harmon expressed gratitude for his time on NCIS, emphasizing the special place it holds in his heart.

“If the opportunity arises to step back into Gibbs’s shoes, I would embrace it wholeheartedly,” Harmon said. “The show has had a profound impact on me, and I cherish the relationships I’ve formed and the memories I’ve made along the way.”

While Harmon’s return to NCIS remains uncertain, fans have eagerly voiced their support for him reprising the role. They hope to see Gibbs return to the forefront of the series and continue his legacy as one of television’s most iconic characters.

“As speculation swirls about the future of NCIS,” Harmon concluded, “one thing is certain: my passion for the show and the character remains as strong as ever. Whether or not Gibbs makes a comeback, I am grateful for the privilege of portraying him for so long.”

Mark Harmon’s dedication to honoring Gibbs and the impact he has had on audiences worldwide leaves fans eagerly anticipating the possibility of his return to NCIS. His commitment to the role continues to be a beacon of hope for those who have followed Gibbs’s journey from the very beginning.

By chrysos