With “NCIS” renewed for season 20, fans are eager for the return of beloved characters. Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) and Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) are among the most adored characters, and they have a young daughter named Tali David DiNozzo, portrayed by Emilia and Laila Golfieri.

Tali hasn’t been seen since her brief appearances in seasons 13 and 17. Fans are hoping for her return, especially with Michael Weatherly hinting at a potential return. Weatherly’s recent tweet, featuring him in an NCIS outfit, has stirred excitement among fans.

While there’s no official word on Tali’s return, the timing aligns with the production of season 19. With Weatherly no longer committed to “Bull,” he might be more available for an NCIS comeback. However, Tali’s reappearance hinges on her parents’ return, as both Ziva and Tony have been absent since season 17.

Executive producer Stephen D. Binder has expressed his enthusiasm for Michael Weatherly’s potential return, but as of now, nothing is confirmed. Weatherly’s departure from the series was due to a desire for a change after playing the role for 13 years. He has since starred in “Bull” and is open to returning to “NCIS.”

In summary, while there’s hope for the return of Tali, Ziva, and Tony, it’s yet to be officially confirmed. Fans eagerly await any news of their comeback, especially with Michael Weatherly expressing his openness to the idea.

By chrysos