Michael Weatherly’s departure from “NCIS” after 13 seasons left fans puzzled. While it might seem like the loss of Ziva’s character was the primary reason, it was also due to exhaustion from playing the same role for over a decade. The chemistry between Tony and Ziva was the heart of the show, and Michael missed working with Cote de Pablo. The show changed when Ziva left, and Tony’s motivation waned. Michael Weatherly eventually left to explore other acting opportunities, which led him to the legal drama series “Bull.”

Despite his departure, fans are still eager for a reunion of the beloved Tiva couple, Tony and Ziva, and there’s a possibility that Michael might return for a guest appearance in “NCIS” season 20. The show is set to return in March 2023, and fans are eagerly awaiting its continuation.

In the meantime, Michael Weatherly is taking a break after concluding his run on “Bull.” There is potential for his return to “NCIS” to provide closure and more Tiva content, as the executive producer, Stephen D. Binder, is open to the idea. The fans are excited about the possibility of seeing Tony back on the show.

So, while Michael Weatherly is on a break, fans can still hope for a reunion of Tony and Ziva in “NCIS.”

By chrysos