Keanu Reeves’ return in “Constantine 2” has stirred immense excitement among fans. The film’s prospects are heightened by the involvement of director Francis Lawrence and writer Akiva Goldsman. DC’s Elseworlds approach has set a high bar for projects like “Constantine 2,” demanding nothing less than excellence and exceptional storytelling. Meeting these stringent standards could make “Constantine 2” a cinematic masterpiece.

This resurgence of interest in “Constantine 2” follows James Gunn’s intriguing comments about DC’s multiverse, which have raised expectations for the sequel. Keanu Reeves originally portrayed the enigmatic demonologist John Constantine in the 2005 film, long before the era of cinematic universes.

Fans have also enjoyed Matt Ryan’s portrayal of a more comic-aligned Constantine in the Arrowverse and DC animated films. J.J. Abrams hinted at a potential new Constantine series for Max. But the return of Keanu Reeves in “Constantine 2” has rekindled excitement.

Adding to the optimism, the original “Constantine” director, Francis Lawrence, is set to helm the sequel. Akiva Goldsman, co-creator of “Titans,” is crafting the narrative. With Reeves actively involved in discussions about the sequel and Goldsman already outlining the main story arc in collaboration with Reeves and Lawrence, “Constantine 2” appears to be gaining unstoppable momentum.

However, DC’s ambitious Elseworlds vision could potentially overshadow solo projects like “Constantine 2.” James Gunn’s vision for Elseworlds emphasizes excellence and distinctiveness. The bar is set high, which poses a formidable challenge for “Constantine 2.” On the flip side, this rigorous criterion signals a promising future. If “Constantine 2” can meet these stringent standards, it has the potential to become a cinematic masterpiece.

DC’s Elseworlds label has produced critically acclaimed films like “Joker,” and upcoming releases, such as “Joker: Folie à Deux” and projects led by Matt Reeves, like “The Batman – Part II” and Max’s “The Penguin,” maintain high standards of quality and innovation.

For “Constantine 2” to succeed on the big screen, it must not only honor its predecessor’s legacy but also surpass it. With the elevated standards set by DC’s Elseworlds label, if “Constantine 2” makes its cinematic debut, it could become one of the studio’s most captivating offerings in the foreseeable future.

By chrysos