Former NCIS co-stars Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo are teaming up as executive producers for a new TV show, titled “MIA,” currently in development at CBS. The series will revolve around a newly appointed homicide detective in Miami who partners with a by-the-book colleague. While on duty, she grapples with concealing personal ties from a previous undercover assignment, putting her future at risk.

Shepard Boucher, known for his work on “Riverdale,” will be responsible for the show’s writing. This collaboration marks a reunion of Weatherly and de Pablo, who portrayed Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David on NCIS.

Fans have long awaited a reunion between the two NCIS stars, with Weatherly expressing his desire to work with de Pablo in the future. He emphasized the strong chemistry they shared during their eight years on the show. Weatherly also expressed interest in returning to the NCIS universe and exploring opportunities for characters like DiNozzo to make appearances in the future when the timing is right.

By chrysos