Michael Weatherly, best known for his role as Tony DiNozzo in NCIS, recently created a buzz on social media with an intriguing post. He took to X (formerly Twitter) to ask his followers, “Which spooky podcast should I visit?” and included a link to Michael Parker’s show, The Ghosts of LA.

Fans quickly responded, expressing their gratitude for the podcast recommendation as the spooky holiday season approached. Some praised the choice, calling it interesting and appropriate for the season, while others eagerly embraced the idea. One fan mentioned their love for uncovering the history behind buildings, ancient sites, and objects.

However, some fans seized the opportunity to inquire about Michael’s future endeavors. They asked if his post hinted at an upcoming podcast appearance or his rumored return to NCIS, following the passing of David McCallum, who portrayed Ducky Mallard on the show.

Speculations regarding Michael’s return as Tony had circulated for some time, but he remained silent on the matter. Fans had hoped for a tribute episode for David’s character, Ducky, in light of his passing.

Michael departed from NCIS in 2016, citing exhaustion from the demanding schedule as a primary reason. He expressed the need for a new challenge and acknowledged the benefits of change.

For those who enjoy spooky podcasts, there’s a Halloween special episode in HELLO! A Right Royal podcast. In this episode, the team explores royal ghost stories, sharing first-hand accounts of royal paranormal encounters.

By chrysos