It’s been a while since we last saw Abby, but we’re not over her exit. When NCIS debuted in 2003, it presented the world with an unconventional lab rat wearing leather studs and oodles of black lipstick. From the moment Abby graced our screens with her pigtails and neck tattoos, the image of science nerds was changed forever, and for the better.

In 2018, Pauley Perrette, the actress behind Abby, talked about the amazing impact her character had on inspiring women to pursue careers in science. She even went a step further by creating an annual scholarship for female students majoring in criminal justice, personally funding their academic journey.

However, amid all the love for ruling and science, everything changed ahead of NCIS’s 16th season premiere. Perrette blindsided fans by announcing her resignation from the show via social media. She explained that the decision was made a year prior, guided by her strong belief in God and the universe.

As fans began to question the seemingly sudden departure, Perrette opened up about a series of events that led to her decision, revealing drama both on and off-screen. In a series of tweets in 2018, she mentioned leaving the show because of her strained relationship with co-star Mark Harmon, who also served as the series producer.

The tensions escalated when Harmon’s dog viciously attacked a crew member on set. Perrette, an animal lover, repeatedly asked for the dog to be banned but faced resistance. The situation led to increasing tensions, resulting in Perrette refusing to film scenes with Harmon. Any scenes they had together were filmed separately and edited together.

Despite the challenges, Perrette enjoyed her job, and leaving NCIS took an emotional toll on her. She expressed sadness at imagining a world without Abby and mentioned grieving the loss.

Post-NCIS, Perrette initially declared retirement from acting, but she soon returned to CBS for the sitcom “Broke.” Despite her enthusiasm for the show, it was canceled after its first season. Since then, Perrette has explored various pursuits, including a return to her music career, releasing a song called “Spin Out” in March last year.

During lockdown, she reflected on her life and decided to take some time off, emphasizing the importance of being herself and celebrating retirement. However, retirement from acting doesn’t mean a complete departure from work. In fact, Perrette has hinted at her next adventure—becoming a writer.

She has already co-authored a book in 2015, and now she’s considering a tell-all about her unconventional life and career. Fans are excited about the prospect, and Perrette’s tweet about becoming an author received praise and encouragement.

So, while we may not see her on screen, the future promises a literary adventure from the multi-talented Pauley Perrette. Are you excited about her potential book? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time, stay awesome and keep watching for more news!

By chrysos