Emily Wickersham, born on April 26, 1984, in Kansas, gained fame as Special Agent Eleanor Bishop on the long-running television series “NCIS.” Her arrival on the show followed the departure of Cote de Pablo, causing a significant shift in the production and narrative.

To replace de Pablo’s character, showrunner Gary Glasberg initiated a planned transition, introducing a new agent distinct from Ziva David. Wickersham emerged as a top choice after on-screen auditions with lead actor Mark Harmon. Glasberg praised her performance, stating, “…she has this amazing scene with Mark Harmon that leaves us all staring at each other and saying, ‘I think that’s it.'”

Off-screen, Wickersham’s castmates tested her resilience, acknowledging her ability to handle various challenges on set. Despite initially facing skepticism, she embraced her role, expressing enjoyment and gratitude for the incredible opportunity.

However, after nearly eight years and 172 episodes, Wickersham announced her departure from “NCIS” in May 2021. She shared behind-the-scenes photos on social media, expressing appreciation for the show, its cast, and the unique stability it provided in the unpredictable field of acting.

During her time on “NCIS,” Wickersham was married to singer Blake Hanley, but they divorced in December 2018. Post-“NCIS,” she found love again with actor James Badge Dale. The couple welcomed their son, Cassius, in December 2021. Wickersham, now a doting mother, shared her joy on social media, expressing deep love for her son.

In addition to her personal life changes, Wickersham experimented with her appearance, surprising fans by transitioning from her signature blonde hair to a dark brown shade. Although she eventually returned to her blonde locks in July, these transformations showcase the various facets of Wickersham’s post-“NCIS” journey.

As she and James Badge Dale approach their son’s second birthday in December, Wickersham continues to navigate the joys and changes in her life, both personally and professionally.

By chrysos