As ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ wraps up its remarkable 14-season run, Eric Christian Olsen, known for his role as Deeks, shares his emotional experience bidding farewell to the show. In a poignant social media post on the final day of filming, Olsen expressed gratitude and nostalgia for the 324 stories they told. The unexpected conclusion of the series brought about a mix of emotions, leaving the cast with a sense of both appreciation and sorrow.

On this sentimental occasion, Olsen decided to take home a couple of Deeks’ signature items as mementos. He revealed that he claimed a set of his character’s dumbbells from the set, symbolizing a tangible connection to the role he portrayed for 14 years. Additionally, Olsen acquired a jacket worn by Deeks at a wrap party, adding another iconic piece to his collection of show memorabilia.

As fans eagerly await the final episodes of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ the cast’s reflections and personal connections to the characters continue to resonate with the audience.

By chrysos