Eric Christian Olsen, known for his role in NCIS: Los Angeles, has undergone a significant transformation with a noticeably shorter hairstyle following the conclusion of the show’s production.

Olsen, who portrayed the character Deeks, shared his intention to further shorten his hair, signaling a departure from his established on-screen look. In a recent interview with Parade, Olsen explained that he is planning to cut his hair, emphasizing the gradual shortening it has undergone over the last six months.

This change in appearance comes as Olsen embarks on new endeavors, including his role as an executive producer for the upcoming Matlock remake, where Kathy Bates will take on the lead role. Additionally, Olsen has ventured into scriptwriting, contributing to a couple of episodes for NCIS: Los Angeles. While actively involved behind the scenes, Olsen remains uncertain about his involvement in creating episodes for the Matlock revival.

By chrysos