For the past five years, Even Hill has been making monthly visits to the orthodontist. Today marks a significant milestone for the Christchurch boy with the giant black tooth – he is finally getting his braces removed. Even’s family had previously appeared on Campbell Live, sharing the story of the 12-year-old with severe back teeth issues and the financial struggles preventing them from getting fixed. The narrative resonated with Kiwis, and over a hundred thousand dollars was raised.

Thanks to the generosity of New Zealanders, Even could afford to have his teeth fixed, and orthodontist Ronald Slaughter performed the procedure. Shifting Even’s teeth by 15 millimeters, it was a transformative process that Even’s mum is forever grateful for. The donations received formed part of a trust that was allocated to assist other children in need of dental work whose families couldn’t afford it.

The generosity of Kiwis played a crucial role in making all of this possible, providing Even with the dental care he needed. Today, Even, who aspires to become a train driver, is looking at a bright future with his new look. The goodwill of thousands of Kiwis has resulted in an amazing transformation, as reported by NewsHub.

By chrysos