Before the official announcement of NCIS: Europe, Michael Weatherly hinted at a potential reunion between Tony and Ziva, unknowingly foreshadowing the spinoff featuring the beloved duo. With this development, questions arise regarding their involvement in the main NCIS series. While many former team members have moved on, Gibbs’ absence at Ducky’s funeral hints at his potential return, alongside active members like Tim McGee and Palmer.

NCIS has a history of engaging crossovers, enhancing the appeal of its expanding universe. Although NCIS: Europe will debut on Paramount+, there’s still the possibility of the parent show facilitating its launch with a notable return of Tony and Ziva. Their cameos could even serve as a backdoor pilot for their own series. With McGee and Palmer still part of the team, it’s likely they’ll be eager to assist the couple in their new adventures.

By chrysos