Following Jimmy Palmer’s discovery of Ducky’s passing, news quickly spread throughout the agency, prompting an outpouring of grief from colleagues across various NCIS offices. In a touching tribute, floral arrangements arrived from different branches, symbolizing the interconnectedness of the NCIS universe. Magnolias from New Orleans, golden wattles from Sydney, plumerias from Hawai’i, roses from Los Angeles, and cherry blossoms from a mysterious “Far East office” adorned the space, hinting at potential future expansions.

The mention of a “Far East office” sparked speculation about a potential Japan-based NCIS show, given the significance of cherry blossoms in the country’s culture. However, it could also serve as a homage to Washington DC, where Ducky had long called home. Additionally, the reference to a new outpost across the Atlantic suggests the possibility of a European-based NCIS spinoff, fittingly dubbed NCIS: Europe, where Tony and Ziva’s adventures may unfold.

By chrysos